Joiit Stone Industry Co., Ltd is a fast growing manufacturing and trading combo, with our own factories and more than 10 long-term co-factories + 200 skilled workers + over 500 stone products options and 10+ years experience.



We have built a reputation for quality control system, reliability and service in the natural stone field. To work with us, your money safe, your business safe!


Our team is constantly striving for excellence, by offering top grade stones at competitive, affordable price. We also do good in color consultation, material selection and design advise, etc.


China marble enjoys great popularities with its various of veins and colors, such as pure white marble, beige marble, black marble, red marble, yellow marble, grey marble, etc.

Chinese marble can be used for marble tiles, marble mosaic, marble fireplace, marble slabs…etc. It’s the best choice for first class hotel,  commercial & community projects, retails & restaurants, stadiums, schools, urban living, etc.

The popular Chinese marble is Black Marquina /Nero Marquina, Pure white marble, Wood White Marble, Wood Grey Marble, Wooden Yellow Marble, Guangxi white marble, Crystal white, Light Emperador, Dark Emperador and so on.

Chinese granite is popular with its various options on colors and its hardness and high performance. The colors include red granite, yellow granite, grey granite, white granite, green granite, brown granite, black granite, etc.

They can be widely using for interior and exterior flooring tiles, wall cladding, countertop, pavings, kerbstone, stairs, landscape etc.

The popular Chinese granites: G603 lunar pearl granite,  G654 sesame black granite, G682 sunset yellow granite, G562 Maple Red,  G687 Peach Red, G664 Bainbrook, G623 Rosa Beta, G261 Chinese Juparana, etc.


Slate is a fine natural stone with traces of metal and earth. It is available in many colors, such as Black slate, Green slate, Rusty slate, Yellow Slate and Grey Slate, etc.

They mostly use to process into roof tile, culture stone, mushroom stone, wall loose pieces, steppers, crazy paving, meshed paving stone, swimming pool paver and coping, etc.

Anyway, it is a perfect choice for you to accomplish a brilliant job under the economical budgets.

If you are looking for a stunning, sparkling looking stones for your designs, the quartzite is the first option for you. Meanwhile, with its properties similar to granite making it naturally strong and very durable.

It is available in the color of white, black, grey, green, pink, rustic, etc.


Basalt is a volcanic rock which retains its character even after smelting and crystallization for over millions of years . Its uniformity of color and endless finish possibilities make it ideal for both interior and exterior applications as well as wall cladding and flooring tiles. It offers a natural palette of grey, blue and charcoal tones.

Travertine is similar to limestone in mineral composition ( Calcium Carbonate), but it is uniquely charterized by natural cavities in its surface and with color variance. It can be ” vein cut” or ” cross cut”, bringing different visual patterns. It is a perfect material for wall and floor using, no matter for indoor and outdoor.

We usually to process tiles, culture stone, wall loose stone, mushroom stone, swimming pool paving and coping, etc.

An unique characteristic of limestone is the fossils and seashells often found embeded in the surface, which brings rustic or aged looking. Limestone is one of the most popular materials for the fireplace frame, and it is ideally for the floor- especially for the bathroom and shower rooms.

Natural sandstone is an extremely hard and tough material. China sandstone is suitable for domestic and commercial use mainly as sandstone tiles and sandstone slabs. Sandstone flooring is also very popular and is used by the homeowners for giving a classic look to their floors.

We have several different color of sandstone for selection, such as yellow sandstone, grey sandstone, purple sandstone, black sandstone, scenery sandstone and and multicolor sandstone. Owing to their natural beauty, sandstones are used for interior as well as exterior decoration.



To ensure customers’ satisfactions, Joiit Stone performs quality control tests at least 5 times as below:

  • Block Selection–Our QC person will go to the quarries to select blocks, to make sure it is free from cracks and unforeseen imperfections;

  • Big Slab Cutting–When the blocks arrive to our factory, the first operation is slabbing at which point the stone cutter will evaluate each slab for cracks and unforeseen imperfections again;

  • Processing–We will do good jobs in cutting, edging, finishing…, each steps will be inspected carefully and recorded;

  • Packing–Before packing, all pieces will be counted accurately, the failed pieces will be selected out if there has any. And then put into strong wooden packages;

  • Loading–Our supervisors will be at site to make the records for the loading and take pictures/ videos for the details.

Besides above, our professional sales team will take good care of your concerns from inquiry to after sales service.